Gravelly Point, A Photo Essay

Plane approaching National

Gravelly Point is a park located northwest of National Airport and provides a viewing area of planes takeoff and landing. Gravelly Point is part of the National Park Service’ George Washington Member Parkway.

Gravelly Point view of plane approach
Approaching the landing strip from the northeast
Overhead at Gravelly point
Directly overhead (I have no idea what that *ball* in the sky is…?)

The name Gravelly Point refers to the actual gravel that made the point.

“Look at a geologic map of Washington and its environs, and you will see a lot of gravel.” wrote John Kelly, of The Washington Post, in his column titled, some out-of-town Congress-people want to rename Gravelly Point. Here’s why we shouldn’t let them.

Plane lands at National
The landing
Plane approaching National
Plane approaching National Airport with Washington and Jefferson Memorials in background