Meridian Hill Park

The only book about Meridian Hill Park is out now. Meridian Hill Park (Images of America) was published on May 1, 2017, by Arcadia Press, and adds to a growing number of books about Washington, D.C.

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One of the most unique parks in the National Park Service is located one and a half miles north of the White House in the middle of the northwest quadrant of Washington, DC. Meridian Hill Park is a 12-acre neoclassical park reminiscent of an Italian villa garden. Prior to becoming a national park, the area had been part of an estate called Meridian Hill; home to Columbian College, precursor to George Washington University; a Civil War encampment; a seminary; and the site of nature poet Joaquin Miller’s cabin.

In October 1936, Meridian Hill Park officially opened. It had taken 26 years—from 1910 to 1936—to complete and cost more than $1 million to construct. When the park opened, it contained five statues and memorials (today, there are four), including one for a US president; a 13-basin water cascade created on the 75-foot natural slope; and an elaborate structure that used a newly perfected construction medium called architectural concrete. Meridian Hill Park is of cultural and historical significance and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and as a National Historic Landmark.
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